Convert Offline EDB to PST & Make Impossible - Possible!

Exchange server breakdown can be catastrophic if Exchange server fails to reboot & subsequently implies corruption in EDB database. Still a ray of hope is, carrying-out the task of "Exchange Offline Database Repair"and "Extraction of EDB Mailboxes to PST". Once recovery & conversion is done using software then your Exchange mailbox will be functional again.

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A Sequential Approach to Extract PST from EDB Offline: Follow Steps!

1. When EDB File is considered as Offline or Orphaned?

At time when Exchange sever fails to respond client or system generated requests and comes to a non-functioning state is considered dead Exchange. In this situation Exchange database gets automatically dismounted, which is considered as Offline EDB database.

2. What are consequences of Offline or Corrupted EDB File?

In these aspects it thoroughly becomes mandatory to export public folders and export mailbox from offline EDB to Outlook. Only an exclusive tool to convert Offline EDB to PST file can make offline database readable.


3. Why EDB File becomes Offline? Find reasons behind it?

Overloaded Exchange server due to increased burden of mailboxes that are made to share a single file

  • Planned or unplanned (dirty) server shutdown
  • Transactional errors in log files or deletion of log files
  • EDB file size exceeds its assigned data limits
  • Sudden power failure, accidental mailbox deletion or inconsistent database
  • Improper working of Exchange server internal services like system attendant services, management console etc.

(Once the database becomes inaccessible, the only way out left is to convert offline EDB to PST database then import Outlook PST back in live Exchange environment using EDB Converter.)

4. How to Bring Back EDB in Functional State?

Method: "Extract PST from EDB Offline" This technique is as simple as it sounds but only if EDB converter is implemented at your work station.

  • As per the need of customers, run the process of exchange offline database repairing. (Tool can automatically repair the corrupted Database)
  • Export selected Offline EDB mailboxes to PST file i.e. readable and accessible format.
  • Import PST in live Exchange server which makes Old EDB mailboxes functional in server again.

So, deploy EDB Converter to accomplish the task and recover from EDB to PST.

5. Steps for Making EDB File Live & Operable.

  1. Download & Install EDB Converter (i.e. fully system compatible)
  2. Browse EDB file & select the type (priv.edb or pub.edb)
  3. Click on Deep Scan Option if EDB is highly damaged for automatic scanning
  4. After scanning, select EDB database items from left panel
  5. Convert offline EDB to PST selected mailboxes in bulk at high speed

After full database conversion, a PST file is created, consisting entire Exchange database inside. Still if you need the back in Server then import PST in Exchange server with Exmerge or Cmdlets.

Effective features of EDB to PST Converter tool

Export Bulk users and Item Count

Export Bulk User Mailboxes & See Items Count

Single and Multiple mailboxes can be converted at once, referring to the item count per folder. Therefore bulk file repair and conversion is supported.

Skip Mailbox

Skip Mailboxes during Conversion Process

EDB Repair tool provides an option to skip undesired mailboxes even after conversion has begun. On clicking Skip Button the particular mailbox is passed over & extraction of others' continues.

Save email Property

Restore Email Data with Full Data Integrity

The tool saves personal & public EDB Folders along with properties like to, cc, bcc, events etc. maintaining the originality of the data.

Recover Deleted Items

Recover Hard deleted Mailboxes with Attachments

EDB file repair tool recovers hard deleted emails from Exchange database with attachments, appointments, dates & events of emails while fixing EDB2PST file.

Folder Sequence

Recover Mailboxes, maintaining Folder Sequence

Offline EDB to PST Tool easily convert emails, calendars, contacts, tasks etc and restore email items like inbox, sent items, drafts, junk items etc

Repair Currupted EDB

Repair Corrupted Offline Exchange Server Files

Full Recovery of orphan, inaccessible, offline & unreadable Exchange server database. Use "Deep Scan" option for intense corrupted files.


Screenshots for Offline EDB to PST Migration

Refer to shreenshots for better understanding and convert your Offline EDB files into PST in just 3 simple steps.

Select Single or Multiple EDB File(s)

Step 1 :Main Screen of Offline EDB Converter Tool.

Folder Selection for conversion

Step 2 :EDB files in primary folder Hierarchy.

Conversion Process

Step 3 :Screen Showing the Status of Conversion Process .

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, MS Outlook installation and configuration is necessary to convert EDB Exchange server files into PST file format.

Yes, the tool is capable enough, to repair and import Highly damaged EDB files. In this situation you need to use “Deep Scan” option for better results.

Yes, you can convert heavy EDB files into PST very easily as these is no file size limitation for both 32-bit and 64- bit machines.

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